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Advanced Scout

The Advanced Scout emphasizes learning to read the landscape and use that knowledge to enhance movement, reconnaissance, and a foundation... READ MORE

Recon Scout

Recon Scout takes the skill set of the scout into the formal reconnaissance process. It allows you to travel across... READ MORE

Jaeger Scout

Jaeger Scout is the application of small unit fire and maneuver tactics to a Scout Team. Students will learn how... READ MORE

Urban Acquisition

This class is focused on those who are in a large urban center when the rule of law is lost.... READ MORE

Advanced Urban E & E

Advance Urban Escape & Evasion is an immersion class designed to provide additional instruction in urban Survival and to allow... READ MORE

Basic Scout

Basic Scout emphasizes both team and individual movement, camouflage, awareness, counter tracking, and trapping. Students learn in the day and... READ MORE

Winter Scout

The course will focus on winter Scout skills, including snow shelters, winter survival, and winter movement. The course will also... READ MORE

Urban Escape and Evasion

While on an international business trip, you are kidnapped and held for ransom. Or, a terrorist attack closes the business... READ MORE

Urban Survival

The city you once called home collapses and you suddenly find yourself in a hostile concrete jungle. What do you... READ MORE

Urban Evacuation

If the grid goes down, or rule of law is lost, urban areas are no place to be with a... READ MORE

Off Grid Medical Care

This class, taught by an emergency room Physician, and will focus on medical care when structured care is no longer... READ MORE

Scout Engineering

This class is Mad Max meets Mad Scientist. It is a class on primitive engineering and re-purposing. It is designed... READ MORE

Scout Tracking

The difference between Scout Tracking and Pursuit Tracking is that the Scout is not pursuing; a specially tasked Tracking team... READ MORE

Off-Grid Dental

This class will provide training and the basic tools to provide grid-down dental care.  It will be taught by a... READ MORE