Urban Acquisition

This class is focused on those who are in a large urban center when the rule of law is lost. It is designed to add on the skills learned in Urban Escape & Evasion to include how to go about acquiring needed equipment and supplies. It is based on the assumption that the rule of law is lost, therefore the situation may be dire and require dire actions.

The focus is on skills such as advanced lock picking and bypassing and other forced entry methods, defeating security systems. In addition students will get hands on practice defeating car and motorcycle ignitions, small team urban tactics, sources for resources, scouting, planning and executing acquisition activities, and urban comuications.

This is a grid-down class and focused on skills that really have no place in normal society.

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Comments (5)

  • Wade Cheney

    Any dates available for Urban Acquisition?

    • Kevin Reeve

      We are working ont he new schedule now.

  • Roland

    Would I be able to take “Urban Acquisition if I haven’t take. “Urban: escape and evasion”?

    • Kevin Reeve

      Yes you can take it without Urban E&E, but you might get more out of it after having taken it.

  • Logan Harrelson

    I am interested in the urban acquisition class. Are there any available in August, September, or October?

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