Scout Tracking

The difference between Scout Tracking and Pursuit Tracking is that the Scout is not pursuing; a specially tasked Tracking team pursues.  A scout uses tracking as an extension of awareness and a tool for reconnaissance.  A scout is interested in tracks to determine who is in the area.  But beyond the who, they will be able to determine when, how many, direction of travel, probable destination, mission, mental state, and level of awareness, discipline, and training, and a whole host of additional information.  This is behavioral profiling applied to tracks.  This class will teach the scout how to look at the tracks and determine the scenario played out.

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  • Schipper Clawson

    I am interested in seeing if the tracking course might be a fit for my daughter. How physically demanding is it? She could not walk long many miles a day but would love the learning. I may not be navigating the website correctly, but I do not see any future times slated for this course. When will you be scheduling these?

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