Scout Engineering

This class is Mad Max meets Mad Scientist. It is a class on primitive engineering and re-purposing. It is designed to take items that are useful now but that will be useless in a grid down scenario, and make them into useful inventions. We will cover:, turning that old parabolic satellite dish into a solar water purifier, making a solar oven, a rocket stove, a solar tent heater. And that is just the solar portion. We will also cover basic mechanics, keeping a small engine running, old mechanical devises that do not require power. We may even make that bamboo bicycle that Gilligan used to power the Professor’s inventions. We will cover making a still and making fuel using a still then adapting engines to run on alcohol. We will cover a wood gasifier, and many many more inventions for when the grid goes down. We will also spend some time on booby trap principles and how to trap like an engineer. This will be a fun and creative workshop with lots of interaction and experimentation.

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TESTIMONIALS FOR Scout Engineering

I have taken three classes from Kevin Reeve and would highly recommend that you send as many key personnel from your unit as possible through his training


I had already taken SERE training both in the Marines and in the Israeli army, but my training with Kevin far surpassed what I had learned previously.

IDF Special Forces


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  • Paul

    If this class is offered again later in 2018, I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

    • Kevin Reeve

      Nov 29-Dec 1, 2018 in St George. This is a fun class.

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Scout Engineering

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