Recon Scout

Recon Scout takes the skill set of the scout into the formal reconnaissance process. It allows you to travel across the landscape in the scout way and then apply the formal process of intelligence gathering. In a grid down scenario, your family and friends could face threats from others outside your immediate community. Students will learn how to plan and conduct a reconnaissance mission, then apply that to an overnight mission doing reconnaissance on an actual target. Taught by a Force Recon Marine.

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Comments (4)

  • Stephanie

    Can anyone join these trainings and courses?

  • Kevin Reeve

    Yes they are open to anyone. You must take them in the following order: Scout, Advanced Scout, Recon Scout, and Jaeger Scout. But as long as you are not a criminal, you can take the classes.

    • james westerfield

      Do you require background checks before attending a course?

    • Sam

      Do you ever offer them contiguously in that order? It would be cool to knock them all out in one go, though spacing them out would probably result in better retention.

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