Off Grid Medical Care

This class, taught by an emergency room Physician, and will focus on medical care when structured care is no longer available. The focus will be on trauma care ­ care of gunshot and knife wounds, broken bones, amputations, and other types of injuries that may be encountered following the collapse of medical care. The class will also include suturing, administering IVs, and setting bones. It will also include administration of medicine, and other longer-term treatments. This class does NOT certify you for any type of recognized medical care, and is designed only for preparation against a time where medical care is not available.

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Comments (13)

  • Nat

    Plz send all colorado class info to attend. Thnx

  • Nat


  • Gregg Savage

    Hey Kevin,
    Was thinking about signing up for this one. What’s the cost?

  • Charlie Dillard

    I see you have an E&E class in Dallas Sept 18. Are you going to have an Off Grid Medical Care Class around that time. I live in NC. Would like to take both. Send 2018 schedule for Off Grid Med Class, Please. Thank You

  • Francis

    Please send any info concerning classes available in southern California. Thanks in advance.

  • W

    Happy new year (from outside the U.S.) like some of the other threads above, am definitely hoping to make time for this course in the second half of the year (Aug/Sep)… Hope to see some dates come out soon!

  • Charlie Dillard

    Don’t think I can make 02/07, Denver. Do you have this class scheduled again in 2018???

  • Heather

    Any chance of bringing some of these classes back to the east coast? I am interested in the med class but I don’t have the funds or time to travel that far. I liked the Urban E&E in Asheville back in 2010. That was an awesome time.

  • Bruce

    When are you scheduling classes on the West Coast, Phoenix, or Dallas Forth Worth areas?

  • Jennifer

    This course is absolutely phenomenal. My daughter and I took it in Denver. We are taking it again in Salt Lake because it was so good, and there was so much that we think we didn’t absorb the first time. And because herbal medicine is being included this time. This is NOT your usual CPR/first aid class. Dr. Steve goes way, way, way beyond that, and he explains everything so that an individual without any medical background can easily understand the material. It is worth every penny and every minute.

  • Rick Wrona

    Any Off-Grid Medical Care classes being conducted in the Denver, Fort Collins, Cheyenne, or Laramie areas during the rest of 2018? If not, is there a schedule for the first half of 2019? Thanks in advance for any information you can share.

  • phillip lee

    Greetings, classes, especially Off-Grid Medical, in north or south California/ West Coast for 2018 or 2019? Also, when is the next Off-Grid Medical class?

  • Brian Scott

    Is the off grid medical class being offered any time this year? I’m very interested.

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