Urban Evacuation

If the grid goes down, or rule of law is lost, urban areas are no place to be with a very large population competing for very limited resources. Best option is to get out of town before things go bad. This class is focused on the why, when, and how of evacuating an urban area. With a strong emphasis on route selection, we will cover the critical skills and considerations for getting out of town. Simmilar to the old bugging out class, Urban Evacuation does fill in some gaps in thinking that I have come to appreciate ten years on down the road.

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I always try to be aware of trip lines, warnings that tell me things are about to get bad. When they occur, it is time to take a trip to the countryside. So what are these trip lines? How do you prepare to evacuate? What routes are best and how do you select them? What logistical considerations should you consider? How do you identify family member behaviors when the decision to evacuate is made? What about events where no warning is available like earthquakes?

The final day of class will be a simulated evacuation, with students researching and preparing an evacuation from their own homes to a set location.


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  • BrianF

    I produced Neil Strauss’ podcast The Truth Barrel. Met Kevin and was impressed! Signing up for the list because sometime in the near future, I would love to take a workshop.

  • Angela Alter

    Would like class fees and schedule for urban survival l and evacuation, at your Phoenix location. Interested for my 27-year old daughter.

    • Kevin Reeve

      We will be in Phoenix November 15-17, 2018. Cost is $795. Phoenix is a pretty interesting place to live. She could benefit.

      • Heather Glaser

        Anything for phoenix in 2019 for Urban Evacuation?

  • Paul

    Hi! I’m interested in either of the Urban Evacuation or Survival course in July. In order to make plans could you please give me some further logistical info?
    — Price includes what?
    — Location of each, so I can look into lodging.
    — Beginning time and ending time, so I can figure out flights and car rental.


  • Jameson Murphy

    Interested in a family event? We live in a rural area, but travel overseas – I’d like the entire family (kids 11 &13) to have a good sense of awareness and preparedness as we travel to places that are more volatile. Do you offer a family training event near Boston/NYC?

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