Basic Scout

Basic Scout emphasizes both team and individual movement, camouflage, awareness, counter tracking, and trapping. Students learn in the day and do application missions at night. Participating as a member of a small scout team, prowling, watching, observing invisibly gives class members confidence and new found respect for the scout heritage.

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  • Art Harms

    I am 65 years old in moderate physical condition. If you could give me an idea of the physical requirements I can better determine if I am capable of taking these courses from you. What are your thoughts?

    • Kevin Reeve

      Scout requires you to be able to walk three miles or so at a time. Not too rigorous. You should be fine. When you get to recon scout or jaeger scout, the demands increase.

  • Joachim


    Can civilians from foreign countries enter this course?

    • Kevin Reeve

      Depends on the country. An allied European country, yes. Syria, no. What country are you from? Email me at

  • RAJNEESH Nanda

    In April when do you have a course in LA.
    How far is st George from La. The course in st George is from 23 -25 April ?
    Please send me details of the course. Thank you

  • Francisco Ballester

    I am interested in enrolling in several of your courses: Basic Scout, Advanced Scout, Recon Scout, Jaeger Scout, Scout Tracking, and Off-grid Medical. But, looking at the photos of some of them it seems you only have attendance from individuals from the various services. Can civilians with minimal military background (JROTC training during high school at a military academy, and many years ago) join the above mentioned courses? Thanks, Francisco Ballester

    • Kevin Reeve

      Civilians are welcome in all the classes. The photos are actually mostly civilians. We don’t usually post military pictures for security sake.

  • Edward Gazi

    I am interested in enrolling in all of your courses what is the total price for all of the courses put to gether

    • Kevin Reeve

      I have not given that any thought. I imagine we could come up with a deal that would work for both of us. Contact me at

  • Thomas Spencer

    Do you have any classes around Arkansas or Missouri… Several of us are very interested.

  • David Johnson

    What prerequisites do you recommend for the basic scout and scout tracking courses? I have attended several survival and SAR courses over the years and work on a volunteer SAR team, but I have absolutely no tactical experience. Do you require participants to have tactical gear and weapons, such as rifles and plate carriers?

  • Rose Cassidy

    I am interested in taking this course along with some other friends as a group. When is the next course? Are there group pricing? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Ms. Rose Cassidy

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