Advanced Urban E & E

Advance Urban Escape & Evasion is an immersion class designed to provide additional instruction in urban Survival and to allow students to experience living on the streets first hand. Students will receive instruction during the day, then spend the late afternoon and evening applying what they have learned by finding food, making shelter, and sleeping in the city in a small group. We take precautions to ensure safety but the experience is gritty and real. You spend time learning from the homeless, increasing awareness of urban resources, and then applying lessons learned to your environment. In addition, you will learn how to acquire food and water, make semi-permanent and mobile shelters, blend in to the environment, and constantly improve your situation. Prerequisite is Urban Escape & Evasion.

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  • ricky lopez

    interested, point me to where the course is a little more defined, costs and schedules.
    will need to travel out of mex. to attend. thank you

  • Kevin Reeve

    The Advanced Urban Escape & Evasion class is always held in LA. Urban Escape & Evasion is held in LA, Phoenix, Denver, SLC, San Jose, Portland. Dallas, KC, Chicago, Atlanta, Philly, and Boston. We hit each of those cities at least once a year.

  • P. A.

    How many days is this class. Three full days? I’m asking so I can plan for logistics (duration of class in days, and how many nights I’d need accommodations). Thanks

  • Darrol Blake

    What are the 2019 dates for Advanced Urban E&E ?

  • Brent

    I’m interested in the Urban Escape and Evasion class offered in San Jose but couldn’t find a price, and when I clicked on the link it didn’t take me to a registration page.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


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Advanced Urban E & E

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