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Mike Krul

Mike Krul

Mike has been an avid outdoorsman his whole life. He has spent thousands of hours tracking animals and surviving in the outdoors in many environments and conditions. Taking game in the woods requires some of the keenest skills of camouflage, concealment and movement. He has applied these skills not only to the outdoors but to Law Enforcement as well. Prey is still prey whether it is human or animal.He also has over 20 years of Group and Private Instruction in many skill sets. Understanding how people learn is a vital asset in passing on cognitive and physical skills to a point where people will learn it quickly, remember it and be able to use the skills when needed. A confidant well trained student will apply the skills learned quicker and more proficiency. Mike’s diversity in instruction is a valuable asset to onPoint Tactical Tracking, Scout, and Survival School.His specialties are Self-Defense, Wilderness Survival, Hunting, and the Scout Skills. He has trained diverse groups of students over the years; Private Citizens, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Tactical Teams, Security personnel, and Firefighters.He has over 23 years working in the Fire Service and over 18 years working in Law Enforcement.His goal is to teach people skills that will save their lives, whether it is in Wilderness or Tactical situations.


Instructional Certifications/Experience


  • Aircraft Crash / Fire / Rescue
  • Communications Specialist
  • Weapons Courier Custodian
  • Office of Special Investigation
  • Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Secret Security Clearance


  • Locate and Arrest individuals on Outstanding Warrants
  • Over 3,000 arrests
  • Field Training Officer; recurrent training of Officers
  • On the Job Training and experience:
  • Plain Clothes LE Operations
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
  • Concealed Weapons Carry
  • Serving of Warrants and Search Warrants (Low and High risk)
  • House and Room Clearing
  • Foot pursuits
  • Fugitive Tracking and patterning
  • Felony stops and Arrests
  • Prisoner Transportation
  • Multi Jurisdictional Operations
  • Agencies worked with
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • United States Marshals
  • United States Customs
  • Department of Corrections
  • County Fugitive task Force / COMET / SET
  • Numerous other State, County and Local Police Agencies


  • Safety and Security of Inmates (All Classifications).
  • Instructor for the County’s Corrections Academy, and re-current training for departmental personnel, Road Patrol and Corrections.
  • Assigned several years to the Mental Health Ward (Psyc. Ward)
  • Jail Emergency Team (JET), Team Leader and Trainer. A tactical team to handle hostile inmate control.
  • Published Author in “American Jail Association” Magazine, “How to escape proof your jails” 2007
  • Written several Training Manuals and training presentations dealing with Hostile Inmate Control
  • Riots and Group Disturbances
  • Cell Extractions
  • Vehicle Extractions
  • Tactical Ground Control


  • Use of Force
  • Pressure Point and Control Techniques
  • Subject Control
  • Tactical Handcuffing
  • Impact weapons
  • Weapons disarming and retention
  • Ground Avoidance Ground escape
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense

OWNER OPERATOR T.A.C.T (Tactical Aggression Control Training)

  • Advanced Defensive Tactics Training designed specifically for Law Enforcement and Tactical Operators.
  • Unarmed Deadly Force
  • Tactical Defensive Tactics
  • Tactical Ground Control
  • Use of Force
  • Survival Stress

MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR (Al Tracy’s International School of Self Defense)

  • Certified Instructor (12 years) in Self-Defense and Stick / Knife fighting
  • Specializing in personal training and private instruction
  • 2ND Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt) Chinese Kenpo

INSTRUCTOR / TRAINER (International Shootfighting Association)

  • Ground Fighting
  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Submission Grappling
  • Team Trainer – TeamshooT MMA Fight Team (Cagefighting)


  • Responsibilities; Administration and Supervision of Firefighters and Fire ground Tactical operations
  • Specific assignments: Training Officer, Water Rescue equipment and operations and writing of departmental policies and procedures.
  • State and National Certification as Firefighter I & II, State Certified Fire Officer I &II
  • Over 23 years in the Fire Service


  • Marine Patrol and Law Enforcement on local and international Waterways.


  • High School
  • United State Air Force
  • USAF Crash / Fire / Rescue Academy
  • USAF Advanced Rescue Academy
  • USAF Office of Special Investigation (OSI)
  • Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (USAF)
  • Community College
  • Advanced Police Training Academy
  •   Marine Safety Officer Academy
  •   Concealed Weapons Detection
  •  Officer Safety & Survival
  •  Combat Techniques with a Semi Auto pistol
  •  Subject Control
  •  Interpersonal Communications
  •  Cultural Diversity
  • Advanced Fire Training Academy
  •   Live Training Fires
  •   Emergency Medical Technician
  •   Ice and Water Rescue
  •   Confined Space Rescue
  •   Hazardous Materials Operation
  •  Motor Vehicle Accident Extrication
  •  Rapid Intervention Team
  •  Emergency Response to terrorist incidents
  •   Wild land Firefighting
  • Michigan Firefighters Training Counsel
  •   Firefighter I & II
  •   Fire Officer I & II
  •   Fire Investigations
  •   Instructor Trainer
  •   National Incident Management System
  •   Incident Command
  • E.M.S. Instructor Coordinator
  • County Corrections Academy
  • National Institute of Corrections
  • Department of Corrections Emergency Response Team
  • Physiological and Psychological effects of Stress in Deadly and Less lethal force encounters.
  • DNR Hunter Education
  • OnPoint Tactical LLC Tracking and Survival School Courses
  •   Tactical Tracking
  •   Scout
  •   Tactical Scout
  •   Urban E & E
  •   Scout Trapping
  •  Winter Scout
  •   Tracker School Courses
  •   Basic Survival
  •   Advanced Survival
  •   Advanced Tracking and Awareness
  •   Scout

Interests and Self Study

  • Self-Defense
  • Aggression Control
  • Combat stress
  • Firefighting
  • Law Enforcement
  • Wilderness Survival skills and Education
  •  Wild Land Search and Rescue
  •  Computer Technologies
  •  Hunting, Fishing & Trapping
  •  Animal Tracking
  •  Man Tracking

Personal Statement

I have been a hunter and Outdoorsman my whole life and I feel the experiences I have learned in the field are worth passing on. I am a fully qualified Instructor / Trainer and feel I have the skills necessary to educate others in many fields. I feel I will handle Instructional and training responsibilities with the utmost professionalism. With the Military, Firefighting, Law Enforcement and Wilderness Outdoors experience / training I have received, I feel I am adept in dealing with many different atmospheres and situations. I have become comfortable and feel at ease at accepting all new challenges.