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In a flash, one of my captors whipped a sack over my head. I heard the sucking sound of duct tape. He looped a strand around my neck, and then another several times over and around my wrists. It happened so fast that I barely had time to panic. Then my unseen assailant tilted my […]

VICE reports on Urban Escape & Evasion class

He whispers in my ear, “You’re in for it now.”- I learned how to cut through zip ties, pick locks, and lived through a fake kidnapping—all in the name of girding myself for the lawless world to come. The young one is shouting again, in Arabic. “La ilaha illa Allah!” The Muslim profession of faith: […]

Sandy’s Tragic Lessons

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy Lesson One: SELF-RELIANCE over servitude. NEVER ever ever ever ever go to the Superdome. In other words, if you are dependent on the government for your well being after a disaster, you are in for some very hard times. If you have not prepared in advance for the likely disasters […]