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Sandy’s Tragic Lessons

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy Lesson One: SELF-RELIANCE over servitude. NEVER ever ever ever ever go to the Superdome. In other words, if you are dependent on the government for your well being after a disaster, you are in for some very hard times. If you have not prepared in advance for the likely disasters […]

Dog Soldier vs. Apache Scout

In the annals of American warfare, few fighters have a greater reputation for bravery than the Dog Soldiers of the Cheyenne. The Dog Soldiers were one of six military societies of the Cheyenne Indians. Dog Soldiers were noted as both highly aggressive and effective combatants. They were highly skilled cavalry, far superior on a horse […]

NCIS: Los Angeles does “Merry Evasion” ala Urban Escape & Evasion

One of the producers for NCIS: Los Angeles, took our Urban Escape & Evasion class. The result was an episode entitled “Merry Evasion” linked here. Thanks to Kyle Harimoto, for all the great references including to the “urban tracking class.” Watch the full episode here.
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