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READ First: Message from Kevin Reeve

READ First: Message from Kevin Reeve

2014 SMARTSavings Class offer:

Register for a class of your choice between now and Jan 1, 2014, and take our regularly priced classes ($795) for the SMART price of $695.

With the state of the economy and Middle East in free-fall, onPoint Urban Survival Training is now more valuable than ever. Thousands of our students have come to appreciate what I know, as a Survival Specialist, and Professional Survival Instructor:

Training Trumps Gear.

You can have all the gear in the world, but without the skills to develop a strategy for how to move and survive in a challenging and dangerous environment
your chances are little better than the average person.

If you register between now and the end of the year, the price is $695.
Planning ahead saves money.

Please call us directly (609-668-5384) for this Special Price. You can also pay for a class now and choose the class at a later date. SmartSavings are available through end of business day Jan 1, 2014.

You will be at a significant advantage in the months and years ahead as the world experiences a very tumultuous period. In order to rely upon yourself and be an asset to your family and community, you need to know and understand what is considered to be
Uncommon Knowledge.

Consider our:

Bugging Out Class
– a comprehensive class for bugging out
of the city

Urban Escape and Evasion Class
– our flagship class that trains civilians and professionals to evade and escape a chaotic city

Off the Grid Medical Class
– for when hospital or doctor care is unavailable

Scout/Winter Scout
– legendary survival skills while covert & mobile

Land Navigation
– Navigation by azimuth w/wo compass

Events are unfolding that are unprecedented and will require you to be at the top of your game. Train for yourself and the ones you love. See you in class.

Sharpen Your Skills,

Kevin Reeve

Read more here.–EARLY-BIRD-SPECIAL—2014-savings-in-LA–Atlanta–San-Jose–Houston.html?soid=1101417135883&aid=PoJuXLBPHOY

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